The Messages, A Memoir

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A deeply intimate and inspiring self-portrayal of Dawn Kohler, a young mother, and successful entrepreneur in the tech industry who awakens one morning into a relentless pull towards an unknown calling. What follows is a riveting odyssey as she resists the persistent force that is disrupting her life while the world around her begins to collapse. This heartfelt journey is fueled by the depths of an unconventional love, and the uncanny experiences that challenge Dawn to heal from a traumatic past and to release the shame that prevents her from knowing her truth.

Ultimately, this raw, emotional, and inspiring true story divulges one of the most relevant messages of our time, and a vision that is eerily close to what is unfolding today.

“Dawn’s journey is one we all take, or long to take. Her unfettered honesty and brilliant ability to identify with today’s dilemmas and draw us inside are both unsettling and inspiring.”

—Dr. Denis Waitley, Best-selling Author, The Psychology of Winning

“This memoir is a true testament of the power and ability of the human spirit to find its own healing. A compelling journey with great insights for any reader.”

—Beverly Kaye, Best-selling Author, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

“Through Dawn’s journey, we are reassured of the healing forces that accompany our path, and the peace that will ultimately come when we learn to trust ourselves and the many resources available to heal.”

—Caroline Madden, PhD, Therapist and Author

“Dawn’s honesty and genuine curiosity makes this a captivating and insightful read. She takes us with her on this extraordinary journey and like her, our heart, mind, and souls are moved by the experiences.”

—Tammarrian Rogers, International Speaker

The Invitation: A Weekend With Emma

Grand Prize Winner San Francisco Beach Book Festival 2015

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When Kate Edwards loses her job as a reporter, she accepts a mysterious invitation to spend the weekend with Emma Daines, an American hero and former ambassador to Germany. Kate has long admired Emma’s accomplishments and for years has attempted, and been denied, an interview. Emma is known to be deeply suspicious of journalists as she holds a secret about her family that reporters have wanted to get their hands on for decades.

A thoroughly mesmerizing novel, The Invitation takes us on a journey as Kate struggles with her internal conflicts over love, high ambition, and her need to gain Emma’s trust. Yet, little does she know how her life will change when she stumbles upon Emma’s hidden memoir, which exposes the underbelly of Emma’s determination, her relationship with her husband, and what she finds to be of value about herself.

“A beautiful book of depth, humor, and vulnerability that asks the reader to explore the most fundamental of questions: Am I truly living the life I was meant to live? I dare you to make it to the last page unchanged.”

—Luz Delgado, Editor and former Boston Globe journalist

“A beautiful self-discovery story that’s so real it’s hard to believe it’s fiction. You can’t help but learn from these characters.”

—Salaam Coleman Smith, Executive Vice President, ABC Family

“So easy to be swept right into this story and to mourn the end of this novel. A great fast read…and a story that will absolutely stay with you. I can’t wait for the sequel!”

—Beverly Kaye, Bestselling Author of Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em